“Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all”                   

                                                                                                           –Helen Keller  


Examples: Shifting to eating organic GMO and gluten free plant based diet, exercising 3 times a week, losing 5 lbs., publishing your poems, writing a book, volunteering for a cause dear to your heart, quitting smoking, eliminating sugar from your diet, learning a new language or skill, taking up a sport, learning to meditate, adding more laughter to your life. 


will assist you in realizing your personal goals while supporting personal growth and fulfillment. With a focus on health and the expression of your unique gifts and skills, we’ll work together through our health related challenges and celebrate each step of attaining our goals throughout the year.

Your investment for our course is $30 per month.

This is an ongoing program! Join any time during 2017!

Email Gaga Barnes to reserve your spot.

Financial concerns?  We’ll find a way to get you enrolled!


Gaga Barnes, Life Mastery Guide, CICP, CLMC, CLYT

Khevin Barnes, Breast Cancer Survivor, Advocate, Writer, CLYT


We are pleased to announce an online personal growth course for cancer survivors in 2017.    

Created and conducted by Certified Integrative Coach Professional and Certified Life Mastery Consultant Gaga Barnes and Male Breast Cancer Survivor Khevin Barnes, this ongoing program will run from January 16 until December 30, 2017 and offer a wealth of tools and inspiration for health and healing to support cancer survivors and anyone facing a life-threatening disease. Gaga and Khevin are also Certified Laughter Yoga Teachers, so you can count on developing and healing sense of humor.

              LIVING THE BEST YEAR OF MY LIFE AS A CANCER SURVIVOR                     

Will guide you throughout the year.   

1. You will create a compelling vision and inspiring goals for all areas of your life for 2017.

2. You will be guided to define and take daily action steps and to meet your monthly and year-end intentions.

3. You will be inspired to stretch and evolve in a safe environment while being motivated, supported and made accountable for reaching your goals by the facilitators and other group members.


DAILY: Emails to inspire you to reflect and take action seven days a week.
WEEKLY:  One online Motivational Video each week of the course.
MONTHLY:  One “check in” group call per month with the facilitators and all participants.
UNLIMITED:  One on one support through private email.
PLUS: A year end over-the-phone celebration and acknowledgment with all participants.

The course includes hand-outs and worksheets to keep us on track and accountable to live our BEST YEAR

We are committed to accompany you on this life-shifting experience and are excited to offer guidance, inspiration and support for fellow cancer survivors.



What sort of program goal can you choose?
Anything specific that has meaning to you that you would like to start, finish, change, develop, let go of or accomplish physically, emotionally, mentally or spiritually. No goal too small or too big!


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