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Each week our culinary  experts offer one food, flavor or idea as it relates to an anti-cancer diet. Your mission is to use the food/flavor/idea in your life during the week! Week by week, with information and ideas, you can choose smarter, healthier foods and create your own anti-cancer plan for health.

Have you been at your farmer’s market in spring and early summer and seen bundles of green stalks with tiny bulbs at their tips that appear to be green onions,…


According to studies at M.D. Anderson, cinnamon nutraceuticals given to mice inhibited multiple pro-inflammatory pathways in cancer cells.

Brussels Sprouts

Why Eat Brussels Sprouts: Because they are a serious anti-cancer food!

What you eat can have a profound affect on your cancer risk...

Should you cook onions? Harriet Sugar-Miller looks out how to maximize the anti-cancer effects of onions.

What To Do With Kale?

Kale is one of those "healthy" vegetables that no one seems to know what to do with. For me, it was a new addition to my diet.

Honey is made by converting plant sugar rich nectar from flowers by bees. Honey is a smart choice to add to your anti-cancer diet. Since it contains sugar, what…

You are now a savvy label reader looking for that added sugar in your food. But, there are so many names for sugar, it becomes confusing. So what exactly is eva…

Be Prepared for Chemo Cravings! When I was going through cancer treatment, I experienced bone wrenching fatigue. A pal of mine who knows I love to cook gave me…

Every week I refill a mason jar with extra virgin olive oil, lemon juice, herbs and spices, and then give it a shake. It takes no time at all and the taste, it’…

Get weekly anti-cancer health tips!

Get weekly anti-cancer health tips!


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