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Breast cancer has been a fight to live for one breast cancer survivor.

A throat cancer survivor remembers the emotions of his cancer survival and his wife's death

Ovarian Cancer has no test and few symptoms.

Lisa Marie Wilson, author and cancer survivor, tells her story about her fight with thyroid cancer.

"Being present is not a passive event that happens by simply believing in a greater force or spirit. " One cancer survivor discusses using the power of the mind…

Sarah Boston, a Veterinary Surgical Oncologist, self-diagnosed thyroid cancer and talks about her journey.

Eileen Kaplan shares a serious but humor filled perspective on her breast cancer experience. Eileen is an Inspirational Speaker for Breast Cancer (and the other…

A two-time cancer diagnosis drove Lisa DeFerrari to share her passion for breast cancer research.

Annual medical visits should include thyroid checks to rule out potential thyroid problems.

Lidia Sicilia Tells Her Story of a recent scare of the possible recurrence of leukemia.

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