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This story is an excerpt from from Randall Broad’s book, “It’s An Extraordinary Life” ( Be sure to read to the end. It’s stunnin…

Sue Bock recalls her cancer journey from the initial dreaded call. As a life coach, she feels your pain and knows what you are going through.

Brian Waddington tells his story as a three-time cancer survivor.

Khevin Barnes is a male breast cancer survivor who speaks to audiences about coping and moving forward.

Carol Michaels has made a made an impact on quality of life to many cancer survivors through her exercise training program.

Paige Davis, breast cancer survivor, empowers other cancer survivors through meditation and mindfulness with her Soul Sparks programs.

Catherine F Lutz, My Story as a Beacon of Hope to Others

Ellen Rosenbloom, breast cancer survivor, tells about her cancer journey and how she beat it.

Shannon Paige used yoga to regain her life and sense of being.

Breast cancer has been a fight to live for one breast cancer survivor.

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