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Time is of the essence. Those of us in the #cancer community know this. And for many of us, it wakes us up to our life dreams. What is holding you back?

This week we look at some amazing people who decided to Go For It!  Nothing, not even cancer, would hold them back!


Steve Mazan: What are you dying to do?

We are honored to be hosting comedian, author, and documentary film maker, Steve Mazan on #CancerBookClub on January 15, 2017, 4-5pm ET.

Steve is hysterically funny, and profoundly insightful. Take a few minutes to watch his TED talk (below).  Steve, a professional comedian, set his sights on Letterman. And he challenges each of us: “What are you dying to do?”  


Rebecca Scheinkman 50 State Race

“One of my major life goals, even before my metastatic breast cancer diagnosis, was to spend time in all 50 US states. It started out as an innocent brother vs. sister competition, when I left for a teen tour in the summer of 1995. I knew that I was about to visit a whole bunch of brand new states that my brother had not been to, a rare achievement for a younger sister. However, my tour came to a screeching halt just two states (and a few Canadian providences) in, when in Montana, I got devastatingly sick…”  Click here to continue reading


Sean Swarner #KeepClimbing

Who is Sean Swarner? Or better yet, where is Sean Swarner?

At any moment he may be summiting a peak or braving a frozen continent.

Sean Swarner is a speaker, an author, and an adventurer with a lived experience that is nothing short of inspirational. Cancer treatments for Hodgkin’s Disease (at 13 years of age) AND Askin’s Sarcoma (at 16 years of age), left Sean with one functional lung. 

Sean decided on climbing as a way of giving back and providing inspiration to the cancer community. His first summit was Mt. Everest and he has scaled Kilimanjaro 14 times. 

He is the ONLY survivor of two different cancers (with the function of one lung) to summit the highest elevation on each of the continents, the 7 summits. In addition to Mt. Everest (EurAsia), he has successfully scaled Mt. McKinley (North America), Aconcagua (South America), Kilimanjaro (Africa), Cartensz Pyramid (Australia), Elbrus (Russia), and Vinson (Antartica): THE 7 Summits.

Here is the story of Sean’s Everest ascent:

Terri Wingham: A Fresh Chapter -Seeing the world in terms of what is possible

Following treatment for breast cancer, Terri Wingham found herself grappling with unexpected feelings of isolation, fear of recurrence, and depression. Searching for something that would inspire her again, she signed up for a volunteer trip to Africa and the dream for A Fresh Chapter was born.



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