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Young, middle aged or old, a nearly universal theme of cancer is social isolation. This week we listen to voices from the UK, Canada and from the young adult cancer community.   


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From: Steve Pake

Blog: Young Adult Cancer Survivorship by

Blog Post: How To Talk to Cancer Survivors About Cancer

“I know that I, and most every cancer survivor and co-survivor friend that I have, have all had awkward experiences with friends, family members, co-workers, and other concerned people in the aftermath of their cancer fight who might have wanted to say something to us in support or just ask questions, but have been too afraid of saying the “wrong thing” and upsetting us. On one hand, people genuinely do care and are concerned, but on the other hand they also understand that cancer is terrifying and don’t want to risk upsetting someone or taking them to a bad place unintentionally by saying the wrong thing. Commonly people might end up saying nothing at all…”


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From: Chris Lewis

Blog: Chris’ Cancer Community

Blog Post: Do you know that feeling of isolation?

“I have chosen to talk about the feeling of isolation today as I feel that it is one of the major side effects of a cancer diagnosis, and one that unfortunately is very difficult to deal with. The first major hurdle is actually recognising the problem. Then an even bigger issue is acceptance. If you have never had those feelings it will be very difficult to understand, how someone can feel isolated, particularly when they are continually surrounded by family and friends, which many of us are…”


be0fbf6473f2a1cdFrom: Maggie’s On Line Centre

Blog: Let’s talk about…by Susie Q

Blog Post: Cancer, loneliness and isolation

“Cancer often takes you away from all what previously familiar. Your social support networks suddenly disappear – work colleagues, nights out with friends, trips out to the shops. Some people find that as soon as ‘cancer’ enters their world, their friends simply evaporate too…or temporarily seem to lose the ability to understand how life might feel for you just now…”


Screen Shot 2016-07-17 at 12.43.42 PMFrom: Katie

Blog : Katie’s Blog, hosted by Connect4Cancer

Blog Post: Cancer: Can You Join Me and Come To My Dark Place

“This was what I wrote and thought about early on upon finding out I had BRAIN CANCER. I picked up a pen and the words became my heart. Every word written with tear drops hitting the paper. I coped. Many people with cancer feel completely alone in a crowded room. I suggest picking up a pen…”


Screen Shot 2016-07-17 at 12.54.57 PMFrom: Amy Aubin
“I used to be a social butterfly, I loved going out dancing, trying new things, doing extreme sports, just jumping into anything at any time. I miss working, I miss running and being busy. Laying in bed and lazing around the house sucks…”
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