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There is a phrase in the cancer community: “A New Normal”. Cancer changes so many things and we have to adapt. But what about those of us that live with cancer?  What’s our new normal? This month we look at the “new normal” for those living with metastatic breast cancer.


screen-shot-2016-10-02-at-6-06-27-pmWho: Jennie Grimes

Blog: Putting the GRRRRR in Grimes

Blog Post: Reestablishing My Inner Growl

“Life didn’t deal me the easiest hand from the get-go but three years ago things shifted dramatically when I was diagnosed with cancer. With the greatest blow last summer when it returned as Stage IV breast cancer- metastasis to my bones.

And so, this is my “new normal”. My day to day. And to be honest I am not sure what to write anymore—how vulnerable to really be, how honest, how happy or how sad. But really all that I can ever be is me and as many of my friends know “that Jennie Grimes doesn’t have a filter!”


screen-shot-2016-10-02-at-2-56-55-pmWho:  Beth Caldwell

BlogCult of Perfect Motherhood

Blog Post:  Bad Dreams

“I hate this life. I hate being afraid. I hate watching the people I care about suffering because my body keeps betraying me. I hate watching my friends die, and knowing my time will come soon. I hate knowing the kids will grow up without me. I hate the scans, the treatments, but mostly I hate the way I’m trapped in this life and I don’t even have the choice to give up. Because I’m a mom, and I can’t do that to the kids, or to The Hubs. I hate going on, knowing it’s all futile.”



Who:  Susan Rahn

Blog: StickIt2Stage4

Blog Post:  Before You Post that Meme

“Some of these ‘fun and games’ in the name of awareness even hijack the one and only day dedicated to the Breast Cancer that kills – Metastatic Breast Cancer Awareness Day  (October 13th). You’d think that out of 31 days MBC would get more than one day of recognition. After all 40,450 Men and Women will die in 2016 because of Metastatic Breast Cancer. Don’t they deserve more than one day?”


Screen Shot 2016-08-08 at 2.38.00 PMWho: BBethJo

Blog: Metastatic Me

Blog Post: A New Beginning

“And I will be in treatment until I die.  There is no cure for metastatic breast cancer.  

The median lifespan for a person with metastatic breast cancer is less than three years.

These are sobering facts.  Some might even call them (pun intended) life altering facts.  Although all of us have a finite time on this earth, learning that my time is limited has motivated me to start writing, in a more structured manner, some of my thoughts.”


screen-shot-2016-10-02-at-2-55-46-pmWho: Ishiuan Hargrove

Blog: Living Beyond Breast Cancer

Blog Post:  My Humpty Dumpty Life: a Balance Between Love and Pain

“At that moment in the ER, I began to feel like Humpty Dumpty.  Perhaps I could be duct-taped temporarily, however long it could hold me together, before I finally hit the ground.  Who knows. I begged Dr. Van Loveren to take a chance on me, to just let me do some traveling and told him that I know I will eventually expire on the road, but that’s way better than slipping away peacefully in a home-hospice environment.  He said he saw a small candle left in me.”


screen-shot-2016-10-02-at-5-17-49-pmWho: Mandi Hudson

Blog:  Darned Good Lemonade

Blog Post: CSF you are Testing me!

“If I run out of chemo options, I run out of treatment options. This is not somewhere I want to be anytime soon, but it is the reality of a #stage4lifer, unless someone has a lot of miracle treatments in the pipeline, I will run out.”



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