Taking Charge!

An acquaintance of mine once said:
“Cancer is a real game changer, isn’t it?”



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 Those three little words, ‘You have cancer,’ are among the most frightening you can hear. You can learn to drive your healthcare decisions and remain in charge of your life. 
— Peter Edelstein, MD,FACS, FASCRS, author of “Own Your Cancer

How can you cope?

Your only choice is to take charge.

Common feelings we all have when diagnosed with cancer and how to take charge:

A cancer diagnosis is understandably terrifying. And fear can paralyze your ability to make decisions and move forward in fighting your cancer. Over time, it can have negative effects on your overall health and psychology.
Empower Yourself with Information
  • Research your cancer
  • Understand your options, including clinical trials
  • Assemble a medical team
  • Don’t be afraid to make changes
  • Take Charge!
Loss of Control
A cancer diagnosis upends your life. Your day suddenly revolves around medical appointments and procedures. Plans are cancelled or delayed and uncertainty becomes your only constant.
Control the Factors You Can
  • Become a proactive patient
  • Learn to actively manage your stress and your emotional health
  • Learn about anticancer nutrition and make informed nutritional choices
  • Understand the benefits of exercise even as you go through treatment
  • Take Charge!
Many people don’t know what to say or do when someone has cancer. As a result, your usual social networks may not be a source of support.
Join a Community
  • Understand that some of the people you interact with daily do not know how to respond to cancer.  Do not take their withdrawal personally
  • Find a circle of people you can talk to
  • Learn from the experiences of others and pass it forward
  • Take Charge!
Being Overwhelmed
Modern medicine is focused on treating disease. Technology, tests, procedures and drugs can be frightening and dehumanizing and a lot will be coming at you at once. This can be overwhelming.
Focus on Your Health
  • Make your health your #1 priority, during treatment and beyond
  • Surround your medical treatment plan with a personal health plan that focuses on nutrition, exercise and mind/body connection
  • Explore complimentary therapies such as acupuncture or massage for side effect management and for your general well being
  • Stay as active as you can 
  • Stay connected with an understanding network of people
  • Take Charge!
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