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What if the body is actually a mirror of how we live our lives?

Just diagnosed? I help women diagnosed with breast cancer cope, step-by-step with the emotional and physical challenges that they experience so that they can fe…

Dr. Steven Lewis is a visiting professor in the Charles E. Schmidt College of Medicine at Florida Atlantic University. Diagnosed in 2007 with pancreatic cancer,…

Are you looking for greater meaning in life? Through volunteering, meaningful travel, and activities designed to shift perspective and redefine what is possible…

Award winning personal trainer Carol J. Michaels says that stretching can help a cancer survivor regain their quality of life after treatment.

Khevin Barnes, male breast cancer survivor, says that it is important to choose a healing path that works for you.

Paige Davis, meditation teacher and mind body enthusiastic, says that looking for that moment of change in her life after cancer diagnosis gives reflection on h…

Carol J. Michaels of Recovery Fitness® designs exercises to help gain balance and mobility back after surgery and treatments.

Khevin Barnes, male breast cancer survivor and speaker, relates his experience with chemo drugs and what they do to our body.

Does yoga intimidate you? Check this out.

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