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Should you cook onions? Harriet Sugar-Miller looks out how to maximize the anti-cancer effects of onions.

Next week on #AllThingsCancer we’ll be chatting with Harriet Sugar-Miller, author of the soon to be published “How to Create Your Plantastic Kitchen.” It’s a gu…

This week think mushrooms! Harriet Sugar-Miller gives you all the reasons why you should add some button mushrooms to your anti-cancer diet. How can such a com…

Harriet Sugar-Miller researches how compounds in peanuts may help spread cancer.

Harriet Sugar-Miller, freelance health journalist, says that the way you prepare and eat berries maximizes their benefit in an anti-cancer diet.

Harriet Sugar Miller states her position on dairy products in an anti-cancer diet.

Harriet Sugar Miller challenges you to take the anti-cancer recipe challenge for a healthier you.

Harriet Sugar Miller addresses groundbreaking broccoli preparation research and its effects on the anti-cancer kitchen.

The question is: How does one create sustainable change? And the answer is simple: One decision at a time.

Harriet Sugar-Miller takes a look at anti-inflammatory foods.

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