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An excerpt from the article: KF: Are you saying that if one changes their diet from animal based protein to plant-based protein that the disease process of canc…

William Li discusses a medical revolution based on angiogenesis, the process the body uses to grow blood vessels. The implications for cancer are staggering.

#FromScratch chronicles Stephie’s nutrition [r]evolution as she switches her thought process from “where should I eat” to “what should I eat”.  Follow her serie…

These last 3 weeks have brought me face to face with a reality that I prefer to deny: my stamina takes a hit when something goes awry within my body’s terrain c…

Lisa Grey of Pink Kitchen offers delicious, affordable, nutritious food anyone can cook!

Caution: This film may change how you choose to eat!

Is healthy eating on the road even possible?

Functional Medicine

Dr. Mark Hyman gives a TedMed talk on functional medicine.


The good news is Costco has organic kale, albeit in the usual Costco quantities. What does one do with this much kale?

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