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David Servan-Schreiber, MD, PhD talks to CBS News about lifestyle and cancer.

William Li discusses a medical revolution based on angiogenesis, the process the body uses to grow blood vessels. The implications for cancer are staggering.

Early detection and treatment of breast cancer will reverse the alarming trend in younger women .

What's in your food?

Volunteers Needed for Research Study on Emotions and Cancer

Film maker Alan Blassberg creates a very personal and moving film about the need for information about breast cancer and the BRCA gene for both women and men.

Revisiting Peggy Orenstein's New York Times piece on breast cancer.

Choices in cancer care can be difficult. Treatments and side effects sometimes have to be balanced against quality of life.

Crazy Cancer

Cancer is simply crazy. There are no rules, no rhyme or reason and no way to prepare for it all.

Workers in poultry industries have nine time the odds of liver and pancreatic cancer.

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