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The Cancer Help Hub critiques a book by Marcus Clark that our lives are really driven by our environmental subconscious beliefs from a child; not our genetic co…

Life coach and wellness revolutionary, Gail Kauranen Jones, support matters to address key ways to empower ourselves in greater health and well-being.

Brian Waddington tells his story as a three-time cancer survivor.

Adding leafy greens to your diet is a first step to an anti-cancer diet.

World renowned photographer, Bill Aron, captures the strength of cancer survivors in their "new beginnings".

A plant based diet impacts our organs, bones, muscles, hair, skin, teeth, nails and even our thoughts and emotions says Kendall Scott, co-author of Kicking Canc…

Try slow cooking your way to a healthy diet with slow cooked 9 veggie split pea soup.

Dr. Amit K. Sood of Mayo Clinic says that no matter how dark it seems, the sun will rise and you will continue in your journey.

Spice it Up!

Rebecca Katz offers three spicy healthy recipes to add flavor to your menu this week.

Khevin Barnes, male breast cancer survivor, says that it is important to choose a healing path that works for you.

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