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These last 3 weeks have brought me face to face with a reality that I prefer to deny: my stamina takes a hit when something goes awry within my body’s terrain causing my *capacity to tank on all fronts [physical, emotional, and mental]. 

Seriously, who enjoys being the limiting factor in the daily of their life? Not me, so I am investigating some pretty neat strategies to conserve my energy [and] maintain my capacity. 

I detest going to the grocery store, and don’t even get me started on the post office [another day,another post], so you can imagine how thrilled I am that not one, but two grocery delivery services have set up shop in my community: Instacart [and] Shipt.

Boom: a dream come true, my friends!

Some of the benefits offered to anyone who needs to maximize their capacity, create margin in the daily life, and minimize wasting energy, a most precious commodity: 

  1. Decrease viral and bacterial exposures which is important to those with compromised immune systems like myself. 
  2. Allows one’s physical energy to be allocated towards recovery, healing, and being present with whose you love whether at home or the soccer field.
  3. Decreases the likelihood that you become the ‘Where are we going for dinner instead of what are we having for dinner family?!
  4. Finally, can you say TIMESAVER?! 

Both of these services allow you to place your order on any device [Cellular phone, Mac/PC, or tablet], schedule a delivery time, and voila, groceries arrive to your front door in as little as one hour, if necessary.


Shoppers Shop at 5 Different Markets AND will make multiple stops at different stores according to your list.

  1. Costco
  2. Kroger
  3. Petco
  4. Publix
  5. Whole Foods Market


  1. **Whole Foods Market [and] Petco offer the SAME pricing that you would get if YOU went to shop yourself
  2. Costco [and] Kroger have a 15% markup over retail though this percentage may vary
  3. Publix pricing varies. 

**Whole Foods Market offers delivery service or pick up service; the choice is yours.

Delivery Fees:

Factors considered in applicable delivery fees include:

  1. Month-to-Month Option [$14.99/month]
  2. Yearly Option [$149.99/year]
  3. Total of Grocery Order [<$35 or > $35] 
  4. Frequency of Grocery Orders

*Presently, Instacart is offering FREE delivery on your FIRST order.


  1. Shoppers Shop at Publix. 
  2. Shop, pay, and schedule delivery time from any of your devices [Cellular Phone, Mac/PC, or Tablet].
  3. All 40,000 grocery items are available for home delivery.

Pricing/Delivery Fees:

  1. Month-to-Month Option [$14/month] may cancel at any time without penalty
  2. Annual Option [$99/year] may cancel at any time without penalty
  3. FREE Delivery w/ Total Grocery Bill >$35

Same day delivery offered in less than an hour at times.


Visit each company’s website to obtain the most up to date delivery fees for your area.

Note: Both Instacart and Shipt offer gift cards and gift membership. What an incredible gift for someone [family or friend] who is facing the rigors of a cancer diagnosis and the daily trudge of treatment as we’re all to familiar with the havoc cancer treatment can have on our taste buds and appetite. 

**For more on Capacity, Catch the replay of our conversation with Joan Friedlander about Capacity Amidst Cancer here.

I will tell you that I have decided to go with Instacart on a month-to-month basis for the next 2 months. I can place an unlimited number of grocery orders w/ no delivery fees on orders over $35. Most importantly to me, I am able to get most of my groceries at Whole Foods Market, then supplement with Publix which mirrors what I do now. Only now I get the service without all the risks posed to my health and wellbeing, my capacity, and the moments I could spend doing other activities: WIN-WIN!

I encourage you to consider if a service such as this would be of benefit to you. If so, do the research [and] decide which one meets your needs best and give it a try.

I will be placing my first order this week, so look for a follow up post to report on my experience in the next couple of weeks.



PS Regarding alcohol and prescription medication pick up, you need to consult company websites to see if these are services they offer in your area.

Photo Credit: Leonie Wise/Unsplash


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