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“Touch has a memory.”

John Keats

PHEW! I intended to shoot an After [the] Blab segment in response to our 3/6/16 #CancerBlab, Single with Cancer, on Monday; however, the daily kicked in Monday morning [and] the To-Do[s] gave way to the Must-Do[s]. It happens, right?

Our guest was Tracy Maxwell, @TracyMax, author of Being Single, with Cancer [and] my, oh my, we had an excellent discussion. From social isolation [and] emotional wellbeing to identifying needs [and] accepting help. I think it’s fair to say it’s a must watch replay.

In her book, Tracy writes about the importance of touch [and] how compassionate touch seemed to drop out of her life after she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. People were afraid to touch her for whatever reason.

This loss, and it is a loss, puzzled me. In fact, it was foreign to me as this is something that I did not experience when I had Ewing’s Sarcoma. So, what was the critical difference between mine and Tracy’s lived experiences with cancer?

Here it is: I was a child with cancer.

We hug our children; we hold their hands; we snuggle up with them on the couch; we place a gentle hand on them as they persevere through the nausea and vomiting; we kiss their cheeks [and] wipe their tears. We touch our children.

Touch has memory [and] they will never forget it.

My question to you is why do we not touch adults?

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