Laugh Anyway!

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Coming off of our #FlashBlab with Khevin Barnes on Tuesday, here is my twist on an Emory Austin quote:  

“Some days you won’t feel like laughing: Laugh anyway!” ~Stephie!

Because the sound quality was compromised Tuesday, I wanted to share some of my take-aways with you.

  • Laughter is a basic, an essential NEED
  • Laughter takes INTENTION on my part; I MUST schedule time to laugh, the DO it
  • Laughter requires that I get out of my head, so to speak (not an easy thing for me)
  • Spontaneous laughter and a more ‘forced’ laughter are BOTH beneficial from a health and wellness standpoint
  • Laughter is a skill; it can be learned and recaptured if lost
  • A tickle can easily lead into a full on belly laugh
  • Laughter Calls are a great place to start

So, on those days when you don’t feel like laughing, laugh anyway!

PS Don’t forget to register for Khevin’s Laughter Summit, a FREE online webinar on 7/2-7/3



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