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#FromScratch chronicles Stephie’s nutrition [r]evolution as she switches her thought process from “where should I eat” to “what should I eat”.  Follow her series as she braves the supermarket, starts to cook and explore a new way of eating.


In my inaugural #FromScratch Post, I shared that a medical event [kidney stones] prompted me to get serious about tightening up my diet. A key aspect in the management of kidney stones is hydration, thus my play on the word, thirsty, which in the south means sweet tea, thirs[tea]!

After those kidney stones were removed, my urologist presented her recommendations. My jaw dropped when she said, ‘you need to drink  4 liters of water with lemon per day.’

[4 LITERS, people!]

I quipped back, “you’re kidding, right?!”

She replied matter of factly, “no, not at all.”

Friends, I am not a water fan [and] I am REALLY not a lemon fan! 

Good news is she agreed to lime instead of lemon; bad news she wouldn’t come down from 4 liters.

screen-shot-2016-11-02-at-7-26-31-amSo, here I am sitting with a seemingly extreme [and] unattainable recommendation that I know I’m currently not meeting. 

What’s a girl to do?!

[Baby Steps]

It has been said that sweet tea is the table wine of the south [and] when I am thirsty, I am thirs[tea]! 

[Talk about elevating sweet tea; we do it well here in the south]

Seriously, my version of PMS is Pour Me Some: sweet tea, followed by glass bottled Dr. Pepper [slap my wrists now], a glass of Chardonnay, [or] a Mimosa with friends.

That being said, I am committed to striving toward the 4 liter goal sans the every day sweet tea and soda; however, even reaching 2 liters per has been challenging for me. Apparently, I am mildly dehydrated in a chronic kind of way.


To increase my fluid intake to 2 liters per day by the end of the year with an end game of 4 liters per day by March of 2017 [specific, measurable, and achievable within the time frame: all the makings of a good goal]


Creativity, swag, [and] baby steps, that’s how!

Creativity: making water more palatable

  1. Ginger Water [recipe from Stefanie Sacks below]
  2. Fruit Water
  3. Seltzer Water w/ fruit nectar [bubbles are important to me]
  4. Tea: green, matcha, tumeric/meadowsweet/ginger, chamomile and lavender
  5. Rice Milk in my breakfast smoothies

Swag: Beautiful glass pitchers, mugs that snug into my hands, and a kick ass on-the-go monogrammed Corksicle.


Sadly, I am having to measure the amount of fluid I drink each day until I get the feel for it; it just not a habit yet.

Presently, I am at roughly 1.5 liters per day with 2 months to go, [and yes], I’ve known about this recommendation since August. The important thing is I am acting on it now with intention. This will soon be habit though 4 liters still seems like an ocean to me!

If you’re following along and have some creative hydration ideas, please leave me a note in the comment section. I’d love to hear from you and be encouraged by you and the ways you stay hydrated.


Click here to download the recipe card.

For further reading on Hydration:

Hydration: Staying Hydrated by Kirstin Nussgruber

Refreshing Citrus Packed with Powerful Antioxidants by Rebecca Katz



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  1. Anti-Cancer Club
    Anti-Cancer Club / November 15, 2016 at 12:21 pm /Reply

    And let’s not forget Sun Tea! 🙂

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