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#FromScratch chronicles Stephie’s nutrition [r]evolution as she switches her thought process from “where should I eat” to “what should I eat”.  Follow her series as she braves the supermarket, starts to cook and explore a new way of eating.

This week, 6 weeks into my nutrition expedition,  I hit a snag: I lost weight!   While I recognize that weight loss is the holy grail to some, it can be dangerous for me. I am a 5 foot nothing, 100 pound blonde who must maintain my IBW of 100 pounds. My weight is  non-negotiatable. If I lose even 5% of my IBW, the my immunossuppressives can damage my heart [and] if I gain more than 5%, then my body may attack my heart.

Either way you look at it, it’s not a good thing!

So, while I am feeling great eating less animal protein and more vegetables, I have lost weight [and] need more calories. So, I’ve been looking for ways to increase the fat [good fat], and thus calories, I consume each day.


1) Can you say avocado?

Everything from slices to guacamole [and] power green smoothies to salads; avocado is the perfect fat to add into my diet.

2) Leche de Coco: Coconut Milk

Everything from coconut brown rice and chicken chili to butternut squash soup; Leche de Coco fits the bill.

1) I am eating in more than I am eating out
2) I am grocery shopping on a weekly basis
3) I have gone primarily organic without going broke
4) I’ve tried some new things [and] I’ve liked most of them
5) Even my family has started to have a taste here [and] there, every now [and] again

A round of fist bumps, everyone!




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