On the ‘Porch’: #FridaysAtFive

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Happy Tuesday, everyone: it’s Stephie!

Pat, thanks for your kind words and your oh-so-warm southern welcome. I am over-the-moon-slap-me-me-silly-writing-home excited by this opportunity!!!

The question I’ve been asking myself is what should I write in my first post, and my answer is MOJITOS, of course.

Four years ago, I tweeted an almost Every. Single. Friday. an invitation to join me, @KindredBelle, for virtual mojitos on the ‘porch’, and Pat has joined me almost every Friday for four, FOUR years, people; we’ve got some serious history! See Pat’s post here for the rest of the story.

We’re extending the invitation to YOU!

Christy from 11MagnoliaLane.com graciously permitted me to share her Mojitos recipe with you. 


Christy’s Mojitos by the Pitcher

                        3 limes, quartered                               36 mint leaves

                        12 oz rum                                              6 oz simple syrup

                        12 drops bitters                                    about 18 oz club soda


  • Stir the club soda rather than shaking each individually, but mix well!
  • If using a Pre-Made Mojito Mix, Stirrings is the way to go
  • Garnish with fresh mint and limes
  • Yield: One Pitcher: 6 servings/pitcher

So, please join @AntiCancerClub and myself [@KindredBelle] on the ‘porch’ to raise a little WELL #FridaysAtFive! 






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