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This morning I welcomed the return of my favorite farmer’s market. Strawberries, raspberries, chard, bok choy, peaches..so much wonderful fresh produce! Among other things, I bought some chioggia beets which I plan on roasting and combining with some grilled or roasted fennel, fresh market arugula, some balsamic vinaigrette and perhaps a bit of goat cheese. But what should I do with the greens? So this week, I thought we’d focus on beet greens. Try them! You’ll be stunned at what a delicious and versatile addition this can be to your anti-cancer diet.

Why Eat Beats, Much Less Beat Greens?

Click here to read about 15 health benefits of beets. Enough said!

Beet greens are extremely versatile. They can be eaten raw in a salad, added to a smoothie, layer into a veggie quesadilla, sautéed with olive oil and garlic, made into a pesto, sautéed with onion, curry and other spices, added to a green lasagna, or added to pasta (think feta, beet greens, onions and whatever you have on hand. The greens will turn whole wheat pasta a pinkish color–beautiful and delicious!)


Five Recipes for Beet Greens
Chioggia Beets with Raspberry Mint Vinaigrette
You could also roast the beets for this salad. I drizzle olive oil over the beets, wrap them in foil and roast at 350 degrees ’til tender. The roasting really brings out the sweetness of the beet.
Roasted Beet Salad with Oranges and Beet Greens
Provencal Greens Soup
Swiss chard would also be delicious in this quick and inexpensive soup featured in the New York Times.
Roasted Beets and Sautéed Beet Greens


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