Sugar and An Anti-Cancer Diet

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You are now a savvy label reader looking for that added sugar in your food. But, there are so many names for sugar, it becomes confusing. So what exactly is evaporated cane juice and what do you need to know about it? Should it be part of your anti-cancer diet?

Evaporated cane juice is a processed crystallized sugar, but more importantly, it is another “pseudonym” in a long line of sugar aliases marketed by the food industry as a more natural and healthy alternative to other sugars. Other names for evaporated cane juice is dried cane syrup and crystallized cane juice.

Removing the word “sugar” as an ingredient on food labels gives the impression to consumers that their product is a healthier alternative. Making false claims on label ingredients is proving a problem for such companies as Chobani. As a popular Greek yogurt producer, Chobani was listing evaporated cane juice as an ingredient on their labels. The problem is, evaporated cane juice is not a recognized ingredient by the FDA.

Is Evaporated Cane Juice Better For You Than Sugar?

Evaporated cane juice is slightly less processed than sugar thereby retaining a few of the vitamins and minerals. So no matter how you look at it, it is still a toxic sugar.

How Can You Be Sure There Really Isn’t Sugar In Your Food?

Do your detective work by looking at the label under Nutrition Facts. Are there grams of sugar listed? If so, there is definitely some type of sugar in that product.

What is the Message on your Health and Sugar?

Sugar is considered high on the glycemic index and is not suggested for an anti-cancer diet. In our previous blog on the Glycemic Index and Cancer, “those who eat low-sugar Asian diets tend to have five to ten times fewer hormonally driven cancers than those with diets high in sugar and refined foods, as is typical in most industrial nations.”

The bottom line is: No matter what name the food companies use in place of the word “sugar”, sugar = sugar.

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