Green Tea and Cancer

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I switched my morning beverage from coffee to green tea some years ago, and I’ve never looked back. For me, green tea was both an anti-cancer choice, and much less acidic beverage than coffee. Now my cupboard is stocked with a variety of green teas to be enjoyed year round.

This week your mission is to add some green tea to your diet. It may be in a traditional beverage, or you could use green tea as a liquid in food preparation. Experiment a bit to discover your favorite tea, tea blends and recipes.

Why Drink Green Tea?

Green tea is often associated with an anti-cancer diet due to it’s high levels of EGCG (epigallocatechin-3-gallate) which have been shown to inhibit tumor cell growth and invasiveness; induce cell death in lab and animal studies; and inhibit angiogenesis. Green tea also has detoxifying enzymes that may help protect against cancer.

Because green tea is a potentially powerful addition to your diet, check with your doctor if you are going through treatment.  Certain treatment modalities should not be combined with green tea!

What is Green Tea?

Green tea is made from unfermented tea leaves. Black tea, which is more common in the west, is fermented during processing while green tea is simply dried. Most green tea is grown in China and Japan and throughout southeast Asia, where it is used as both a beverage and a medicine.

Green tea can be scented with flowers,fruits or herbs such as mint. Experiment with various teas and flavor combinations to find some that you enjoy.

Green Tea Recipes

Green tea can be found in any supermarket.  Jasmine is a popular choice. Some people find that the taste is a bit off for some western palates.  If that’s the case try this Lemon Mate (right). In addition, on line tea retailers offer a wide choice of flavors. You may also want to try some Matcha tea which delivers a mega dose of cancer-fighting EGCG in every serving.

Choose an organic tea and enjoy!

10 Healthy Green Tea Recipes
This is a collection of 10 great combinations for hot and cold tea.

Ochazuke with Salmon Flakes
Ochazuke is a Japanese dish in which hot tea is poured over several ingredients and rice.

14 Must Try Matcha Recipes You’ll Drool Over


Green Tea Cook Books

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