Brussels Sprouts

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I was at the store yesterday and nestled in among the pumpkins were long stalks of brussels sprouts. People seem to love or hate this vegetable, and I fall on the love side of the equation. Just steamed with (organic) butter they are wonderful. Roasted with garlic they take on an entirely different quality. As a salad, they’re a delicious option as well. Forget any bad experiences from your past. Buy fresh brussels sprouts (Trader Joe’s is currently carrying them on their stalk, as shown in this picture) and give this wonderful anti-cancer, nutrient rich vegetable a try!

Why Eat Brussel Sprouts?

Because they are a serious anti-cancer food!

PubMed has over 100 studies on this vegetable. Over half the studies focus on the anti-cancer properties of this cruciferous vegetable. Specifically, the nutrients in brussels sprouts provide support for your (1) detox system, (2) antioxidant system, and (3) anti-inflammatory system. Additional reading (below) goes into some of the detail on the interaction between cancer cells and the phytonutrients and other anti-cancer compounds in brussels sprouts.


This is a great video from Gordon Ramsay for a holiday brussels sprouts recipe:


Ina Garten’s Roasted Brussels Sprouts
Shredded Brussels Sprouts with Maple Hickory Nuts
Frisee and Endive Salad with Warm Brussels Sprouts and Toasted Pecans
12 Super Addictive Brussels Sprout Recipes

Additional Reading:

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