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The picture above is from a recent #anticancer hike.

Every week we post a food, flavor or idea for you to consider in creating your own personalized anti-cancer life. Small daily changes for big long term results. When does it stop and end?

Probably never if you stay curious!

I believe in synchronicity. My hiking friend has been talking about Matcha.

“Matcha latte,” my friend said wisely.

Last week’s food blog mentioned Matcha.

And I know Matcha is a smart choice.

But a few years ago, I tried some matcha tea and didn’t care for it, so I set it aside. 

After reading this week’s Food & Flavor blog, I decided that the anti-cancer benefits of matcha are so oversized, that I needed to give it another try. I decided my mission this week would be to play with some Matcha recipes.

I’m glad revisited my earlier decision. This stuff is GOOD!!!

For now I’ve settled on a combination of about half a teaspoon of Matcha (it’s ground into a powder and has about a third of the caffeine of a cup of coffee); some honey; warmed almond milk (I wisk it so it’s frothy). As it gets colder, I am looking forward to playing with some chocolately concoctions as well.

And I now have a new addition to my anti-cancer repertoire!

Matcha is easily available through Thrive Market, as well as Amazon and local shops such as Whole Foods.

Here are some additional recipe ideas.   If there’s a moral to this story, it’s stay curious and open minded.  You might just find something new to love!


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