Using The Internet To Your Cancer Advantage

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When it comes to cancer, the internet is your friend.

That doesn’t mean that you should believe everything you see, or trust every site you visit. You still need to be discerning.  But let’s look at the ways that the web is revolutionizing the cancer experience for patients. 


Sites such as the NIH have superb information about most cancer types.  You can get an overview of your cancer and treatment protocols at the click of a mouse.

PubMed has research articles. You no longer have to go to a library to learn!

Oncolink (and other sites) offer help with clinical trials.  This also offers insights into the medical movers and shakers within your cancer subtype. Who’s researching what?  

Major charities such as the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society are excellent starting points for researching your cancer and discovering programs for assistance.  

The list of resources available at your fingertips is absolutely awesome.

Our site (a plug for us!) has interviews, information and suggestions that span the entire cancer experience.  There is incredible information from experts, activists and everyday people as they deal with cancer. You do not have to go through cancer alone!  Leave a comment; talk to us; follow us on Twitter and Facebook. Need information? Contact us!

Medical Networking 

Prior to the web, you were usually at the mercy of your local medical establishment. What if no one in your community did a particular procedure?  Would you even hear about it?

The internet allows you to identify talents, opinions and techniques across the entire medical community!  This is nothing short of breath taking, when you consider the need to find a specialty surgeon or information on who is researching (your) rare disease.

Get active on Twitter. See who’s in your area of interest and follow them!  It’s a way to identify promising treatments, possible second or third opinions and gain insight into your disease. You may also find studies that are relevant to your disease that you want to participate in.  Again, this is a great networking opportunity in terms of connecting with people and resources that can help you.


Social media rocks!  It’s a safe way to get to know people; to interact; and to start forming relationships with a global cancer community.

Do you know that everyone involved in Anti-Cancer Club connected through social media and/or the internet?!  Look at some of the remarkable group of people who have contributed to this site this site:

Stephanie Zimmerman, MSN,Robin McGee, Phd, Terri Coutee, Charles Porter, Michael Kovarik, Khevin Barnes, Kirstin Nussgruber, Chris Lewis, Steve Mazan, Bill Aaron, Rebecca Katz, Martha Rose-Schulman, Melissa Baun, Rob Rutledge, MD, Timothy Walker PhD, Amy Black, Susan Rahn, Cancer Pathways, Anne Ogden, Howard Bressler, Melissa Reccchia, Theodora Ross, MD, Kathleen Ruddy, MD, Avi Lerner, Rick Boulay, MD, Beth Caldwell, Veena Shankaran, M.D., Harriet Sugar-Miller, Ben Ho Park, M.D., Ph.D., Minas Chrysopoulo, MD  (Dr. C!), Kathy Flippin, Medical Fitness Network,  Oliver Bogler, PhD, Joan Friedlander, Suzan Savarese, Stefanie Sacks, Jill Meyer-Lippert, Dr. Dennis Abbott, Terri Wingham, Tracey Gamer-Fanning, Anna Gottlieb, Molly Lindquist, Sean Swarner, Nikki Barr PhD, Terri Quenzer, PhD, Gina Costa-Goldfarb, Michelle Stortz, Lindsay Ostrom, Maryann Makekau, Liam Ryan, Conner Middleman-Whitney, Kathleen Hoffman, MD…

And this is just a few of the people who have generously given their time, insight and care to help others through their cancer journey. 

The internet is a remarkable tool. I refer to it as “the printing press on steroids” in terms of how it is changing our access to knowledge.  Use it to your #cancer advantage!





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