Urban Poling for a Better Workout

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I was recently connected with a wonderful company, Urban Poling out of Canada, which specializes in poles that maximize your workout. The founders, Mandy Shintani and Diane Oliver bring talent and enthusiasm to their comittment to health. Mandy has a Masters in Physical Therapy. Diane’s background is in business, sales and fitness. Together they make the perfect team. And very seriously, the perfect workout product.

Working out

Urban poles are walking sticks that workout 90% of your muscles, burn 45% more calories, increase core strength and help with balance. This is perfect for anyone recovering from treatment. They also have poles specifically for more rigorous activities.

Why just walk when you can go Urban Poling?

The company warns that you should start slowly, using the sticks for just a third of your first foray. Listen to them! This may be more of a workout than you think!

You can read more about my experience here on my #CancerRoadTrip blog post, An Out of Body Experience: Getting Fit With Cancer.





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