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We had the good fortune to spend some time with ESPN reporter Holly Rowe this week. Holly is battling melanoma. But it hasn’t slowed this all star college sports reporter down!  

Holly asked an interesting question: How do I get involved with Anti-Cancer Club. Here are three ways to start:


Follow us on Twitter and Tweet!

Did you know that everyone involved in ACC met through social media! Stephie and I always marvel at the fact that we have a global network of friends, many of whom we’ve never met in person! But we tweet, we zoom, we chat on the phone, and the friendships are very real. My cancer support comes from this virtual network of people who understand and truly care.

So speak up! We always respond. Get to know us! Start @anticancerclub, @CancerRoadTrip, and @kindredbelle

We’re also on Facebook if you prefer to connect that way. Twitter, we find, is a bit more dynamic. But either platform is a good place to find us!


Come to #CancerBookClub (even if you haven’t read the book)!


CancerBookClub is live. We use a video platform called Zoom to connect. Sharing experiences through books and film help us understand the cancer experience. Each and every book club, I get to meet new people who share their cancer insights.  Authors with a good story to tell. Friends from prior book club meetings.

And I always learn something. Over time, friendships evolve. So join us! If you’re camera shy, you can just turn off your camera. Easy-Peasey.


Comment On Our Posts

We want to hear what you think!  Agree, disagree, start a discussion! You can connect with our authors and contributors. This is an amazing network, and it’s all yours. All you have to do is connect. Once we start talking, it usually leads to something else! 



Cancer is a tough experience and it’s one that will stay with you for the rest of your life. Making sense of it, making sense of the changes in one’s life, health and perspective is not easy. Share your thoughts and concerns. Because someone else is having the same thoughts and doubts, probably also at 3am! Join us anytime.


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