I am looking forward to our Blab this Sunday with Kathleen Ruddy, MD, author of Of Mice and Women: Unraveling the Mystery of the Breast Cancer Virus and a long time advocate for the Pink Vaccine, a preventative breast cancer vaccine that has shown 100% effective in animal models in preventing triple negative breast cancer. This virus is responsible for 40-75% of all human breast cancer.

Think about it. A vaccine. No more breast cancer. No mammograms. No Pinktober. No chemo. No reconstruction.

It would negate an entire industry.

The first article about a breast cancer virus was written in 1936. The research has been repeatedly sidetracked. Dr. Ruddy provides a fascinating look at the politics of cancer research and the very real human repercussions in her book.

One of the leading researchers in breast cancer vaccines has been Dr. Vincent Tuohy, an immunologist at the Cleveland Clinic. Below, he talks about his research:

Join us Sunday1pm PT/4pm ET and ask Dr. Ruddy your questions about vaccines and breast cancer prevention.

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