The Healing Power of Your Mind Workshop

Utilizing contemplative practices and dynamic mind-body techniques for well-being can replenish both patients and caregivers alike.

In my upcoming half-day wellness workshop we will focus on practical tools and techniques to help you enhance your sense of mastery and quality of life.

Discover tools and techniques that will help you to:

Override fear and negativity
Boost immune function
Heal deep seated patterns of trauma, grief, guilt and shame
Increase resiliency and cultivate a recovery mindset

Whether you have just been diagnosed, in treatment or in remission, you can learn how to tap into your mind to engage with and influences your body. Taking back control, you can help and support your body as it fight against and recover from cancer, as well as maintain your quality of life.

How to Register

To attend The Healing Power of Your Mind Workshop, please visit my website and fill out the registration form.


Date: October 31, 2015
Time: 10:00AM to 3:00PM
Location: 22 Mount Auburn Street (Skylight Studio), Watertown, Massachusetts 02472

Please share this information with those you know who live in the Massachusetts area. Thank you.


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