Testicular Cancer Awareness

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Testicular cancer is a highly survivable disease. We welcome a guest blog from Tommy John, a men’s underwear company in the business of supporting men, to promote awareness by including guidelines on self-examination for early detection.

Testicular Cancer is a disease that directly impacts the male reproductive system and is qualified as the growing of malignant cells in one of, or both of, the male testicles. Most cases occur in men between the ages of 15-34, but like all other cancers it is not limited to age, so it’s important for men of all ages to be aware of the disease and warning signs. Nearly one male is diagnosed with Testicular Cancer every hour and sadly, on average, one male dies each day from it. However, this disease is one of the most easily detectable forms of cancer and has 99% survival rate when detected early.


So how does one identify if they have this or not? Like other forms of cancer, only a doctor can answer that for sure. However, there are preemptive measures you can take on your own. The best method is by conducting self-checks. The following graphic shows how and what to look for before consulting your doctor or urologist.

Typically, the infected testicle (or any other infected area) is removed and sent for testing. The stage of the cancer at the time of diagnosis will determine if chemotherapy is required post-op or if continued testing for any returning malignant cells is necessary. the good news is that after surgery (and potentially needed treatment) the majority of men are able to return to a normal lifestyle.


The main stigma associated with Testicular Cancer is that it does impact one’s manhood, which could be why it can be ignored by men afraid to deal with any potential traumatic outcome. We recently spoke with the Testicular Cancer Foundation, and they shared some insight, “The idea of losing a testicle to many is like losing a piece of their masculinity, and in turn a part of who they are.” For this reason it’s important for men to realize that at times it’s important to put your machismo aside and take a vested interest in your entire overall health. Make sure to see a doctor for regular check-ups or upon self-discovery.

In an interview with Dr. Pineda M.D., a Urologist at Pomona Valley Hospital Medical Center, he commented that, “Men see an urologist usually under their own volition since they are often very worried about noticing any type of abnormality concerning their genitals, especially the testicles.” He also noticed a correlation between a man’s marital status and their visits. “If the men are married or have a significant other, they often see me sooner than later.” Tommy John has a vested interest in the awareness of Testicular Cancer. We are built on “supporting” men and we’ve teamed up with the Testicular Cancer Foundation to help spread awareness in April as it is Testicular Cancer Awareness Month. For this special month, Tommy John has designed special prints and is donating a portion of sales from our special line of products to aid in future treatment, research and care.


The silver lining with Testicular Cancer is that it can be caught early and treated quickly. We want to encourage men to invest in their own well-being. Catching these warning signs early can allow for a better chance of returning to the life they once knew.

An effort to not downplay the seriousness of Testicular Cancer, or any other form of cancer for that matter, is to attack it with positivity. A positive outlook can not only change your perception of life, but also the situation at hand. The Guru Yogananda has a quote that relates here that, “When you came into this world you cried, whereas everyone else rejoiced. During your lifetime, work and serve in such a way that when it is your time to leave this world, you will smile at parting while the world cries for you.” Regardless of your situation, even during cancer, you can be an inspiring, uplifting and a bright spot in the lives of others.

Not only do we want men to be comfortable with their health and their bodies, we want to be there to “support” them too. In our recent interview with TCF, they said “At TCF, we obviously deal with men who need comfortable support, especially post surgery. We have supplied numerous diagnosed TC patients with a pair of TJ’s, and it truly does make a difference in the day’s post surgery.”

To learn more about the partnership between Tommy John and TCF, be sure to check out our #KnowYourBalls Campaign page. You can also check out our comfortable underwear selection here.


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    Charlis Matthews / September 20, 2017 at 4:49 pm /Reply

    I am planning a display for this cancer at our church, do you have charts and information data that you would donate toward this effort.
    Charlis Matthews
    2277 Union Ave. Apt 412
    Memphis, TN 38104
    The display will Start October 1, 2017

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