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Chemo is tough enough. Drab surroundings make it even worse!

RoomsThatRock4Chemo is headed by Nancy Ballard. With some paint and talent, they create  a vibrant, living room of color and hope for chemotherapy. If you know of anyone that might like to underwrite a room or two, please contact Nancy. Her info is below.


From Rooms That Rock 4 Chemo:

We are currently accepting letters of interest for the acquisition of San Francisco based non profit Rooms That Rock 4 Chemo Inc.(RTR4C) from like minded non profit organizations that contribute to the enhancement and support of those going through chemotherapy.



– Enhances the patient experience via the transformation of environments from drab and sad to uplifting, inspirational and hopeful, by easing the suffering of all cancer patients, both children and adults and their loved ones.

  • Collaborates with interior designers, 100% volunteers, local vendors and community sponsors to transform hospital and clinic chemotherapy treatment rooms into beautiful, tranquil environments where true healing can occur.
  • Inspires and promotes community involvement, provides professional volunteers and designers throughout the country.
  • Improves the daily lives of those who by profession serve this population, and challenges other communities to do likewise.
  • Provides an in-place support system that is easy to follow and supplement, RoomsThatRock A Story A Tool Box.
  • Provides a very concrete sign of care and concern to all involved, bringing awareness to the fact that patients are somuch more than just a number in a harsh and difficult system.
  • Represents the passionate donation of talent, time and money from thousands of volunteers, local and national businesses.
  • RTR4C volunteers and donors respond with enthusiasm and gratitude for the opportunity to be involved while providing volunteers a sense of accomplishment and a deeper appreciation of the plight of those who are in need of healing. 



Founded: May 2011, Incorporated March 26, 2013

Facilities Rocked: 20

Rooms Rocked: 197

Chair/Beds/Cribs Transformed: 410

Patient Visits Per Year: 588,000+

Designers: 112

Volunteer workers on projects: 1000+

Volunteers behind the scenes: 1,000’s!

Office Staff – Nancy Ballard



San Francisco Giants, Behr Paint, Cutting Edge Stencils, Art.Com, Home Depot            




Thank you for interest in helping my vision survive. Please respect our confidentiality,

and contact me for additional information, referrals, and questions.


My Thanks,

Nancy J. Ballard

Founder/Executive Director


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