Social Media and Cancer 101

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Social media is changing the cancer experience, influencing medical models and connecting people 24/7, all around the world.

What is social media?

Social media refers to a range of platforms that let people connect. We primarily use Twitter, Facebook,and Blab.

Is it safe?

Yes! It’s just like having a conversation at a party, except this party is global. It allows you to join an audience of people like you. For cancer patients, caregivers and family members, it provides a network for information and support, and even new friends.

Where do I start?

For Twitter Follow us @AntiCancerClub Just click the follow button.

For Facebook Just click the Like button.

For Blab click on this week’s Blab link on Sunday afternoon and join the conversation. You can also watch the re-blabs at your convenience.

What Do I Do?

Join in. Share. Retweet. (On Twitter, Likes are fine, but only the Retweets really count!)

The bottom line: It’s all about connecting with people just like YOU!


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