Laura BourdeanuLaura Bourdeanu, Vice President and Co-Founder of OncoGambit, said she, “was inspired to devote her time creating OncoGambit to help patients get more of the most valuable currency in their cancer journey- time. With better access to information about their treatment, patients are able to take an active role in their care and recovery, and focus on spending more time with their loved ones”.

OncoGambit is the first online personalized cancer treatment website which provides vital evidence-based cancer information agreed on by more than 1,100 cancer experts. In three easy steps, you will receive your treatment plan for your specific cancer type.

Why OncoGambit?

Is your treatment what more than 1,100 oncologists recommend? OncoGambit’s software summarizes all the important national guidelines treatment recommendations associated with any type of cancer to help patients ensure their best survival rate. These evidence-based guidelines come from professional organizations such as the The National Comprehensive Cancer Network, The American Society of Clinical Oncology and The European Society for Medical Oncology.

The Three-Step Process

1. Get your pathology report from your treating physicians

2. Fill out the online questionnaire specific to your cancer

3. Get your treatment plan and free survivorship care plan

In the download example below, the information provided is meant to help you understand the role of your breast cancer biology treatment decisions, as well as the role of other tools used in determining your ability to receive chemotherapy or targeted therapy (precision medicine).

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Cancer and Genetics

Knowing whether your cancer is hereditary can shed light on the types of cancer treatments you may want to consider. It can also provide the information families need to plan for family counseling and potential preventative procedures.

Our complimentary cancer genetics questionnaire allows you to assess the probability of your cancer being hereditary. The questionnaire uses your personal and family history of cancer to determine whether you will need to have cancer genetic testing completed. A genetic test from your blood drawn by your physician can be done to determine which genetic mutation you inherited.


Contact OncoGambit today through their website to learn more. Please note that this site does not provide medical advice. Please read our disclaimer.

Knowledge is power. A cancer patient will become an active participant in their care and feel more in control.

Here are some comments by Susan, an OncoGambit user:

  • One of my girlfriends actually brought her OncoGambit report to her doctor and he had no explanation as to why none of those treatments were initially offered to her. Because of that she is currently searching for a new doctor.
  • At the time of my diagnosis, my best friend at the time had been battling breast cancer for 20 years. So, I had the amazing fortunate ability of knowing someone who had the knowledge of many treatment plans. OncoGambit is like that friend!

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  1. Cancer Treatment / September 20, 2017 at 6:03 pm /Reply

    Hi Laura. This is one of the best articles. LOVE is the most powerful medicine of all sickness.I’ve read an article a week ago about Stomach Cancer. Surgery is one of the primary cancer treatment options. Do you agree?

  2. Laura / October 12, 2017 at 7:32 am /Reply

    Thank you for your comment. To answer your question, it will really depend on the stage and involvement of the disease. That decision should be made in collaboration with the surgeon and oncologist.

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