Peggy Miller, and her son Bret, are advocates for male breast cancer. Bret, diagnosed with breast cancer in April 28, 2010, created a website to raise awareness so every man, and woman, understand the need for early detection.

This interview is one of passion in spreading the word of male breast cancer and of dedication in going to great lengths, with little or no funding, to build a support network for male breast cancer survivors everywhere.

Peggy, can you tell us about your website, The Male Breast Cancer Coalition and the Bret Miller 1T Foundation?

Our website was launched on February 9th, 2014 and now we have 37 survivors sharing their stories with 30 more in the works. We find survivors thru social media.

The Bret Miller 1T Foundation was founded by my son Bret in May of 2010 just after he was diagnosed with breast cancer on April 28, 2010. “When faced with the words “You have Breast Cancer” no man will feel alone ever again”. − Bret Miller. We have a clear mission of building awareness and early detection for young women and men through the knowledge of SURVIVORS.

On a mission to build awareness, survivors will be going into high schools and colleges across the country to share their journeys and let students know you are your own best advocate of your body.

Here is Bret’s story:

The Male Breast Cancer Coalition was co-Founded by Cheri Ambrose and Bret Miller.

Why are you so passionate about this website?

So no man will ever feel as alone as Bret did!

What is the difference in how men deal with breast cancer versus women?

Talking about it once they do they seem to open up and share which has helped many of the survivors with their own treatments!

How did you connect with Lori Berlin, who co-produced a documentary for you called Men Have Breasts too?

We connected with Lori through a mutual friend, Mark Welch. He had been filming for this documentary since 2011. Mark’s connection with cancer was his wife, Vanessa and father-in-law, Arnaldo went through breast cancer together.

The documentary is still in production and the Dream of Vanessa Silva Welch and Arnaldo Silva is being co-produced by Mark Welch and Lori Berlin.

MEN HAVE BREASTS TOO is a documentary about male breast cancer.  We will share stories from men who are members of what is usually a women’s only club, hear from families impacted by male breast cancer, understand more about the disease from doctors and help spread awareness that men can indeed get breast cancer too.

MEN HAVE BREASTS TOO is an Apex Evolution Media & Tevelady Productions film in association with the Bret Miller 1T Foundation (a 501c3 that educates the community about male breast cancer) and the Male Breast Cancer Coalition.

Our goal is to have a world free of breast cancer.  Until we educate everyone, including the medical community concerning the need for more testing and clinical trials available to men, our mission continues to be an uphill battle. Knowledge is power and we want people to be informed.

MEN HAVE BREASTS TOO, a new documentary about male breast cancer, is coming soon. Stay Tuned!

Is Lori a cancer survivor?

Lori had proactive surgeries like Angelina Jolie because she is BRCA2 and lost her cousin in October to male breast cancer. Lori also saw Bret on the Katie Couric show last year.

How do you see your website making a difference in male breast cancer survivor’s lives in the future?

Knowledge is power and that is what both sites are all about!

Peggy, how do you find time to run your website as well as another website called the National Consortium of Breast Centers?

Passion… that is what it is all about.. knowing that we could save just 1 life with building awareness. God has sent us on a mission!

Do you have sponsors who support you?

We are always looking for sponsors! Bret works 3 jobs to pay student loans and help keep up the work of his foundations! So yes, sponsors could help with giving Bret more time to do what he loves and that is Building Awareness and Early Detection!

To learn more about the Male Breast Cancer Coalition and how you can become a sponsor or donate, click here.

Click here to learn more about the documentary Men Have Breasts Too.

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