Being diagnosed with cancer is terrifying. Here are three must read books that will help. They all share a common theme–You are now CEO of your health care, and your best chance of survival lies in taking charge of your care. Each of these books provides practical insights on how to do this.

1. Anticancer A New Way of Life by David Servan-Schreiber, M.D. PhD

Diagnosed with a recurring brain tumor, Dr. Servan-Schrieber goes on an international quest for answers. What is anticancer health? What is causing all this cancer? What can we do about it? This moving story looks at the varying philosophies of eastern and western medicine, and the society we live in. The extensive footnotes document the research, and make for interesting reading in their own right.

This is THE starting point for understanding cancer and our lives and a must read whether you have cancer or not! I give this book to everyone. It is currently (September 2015) being given away in our contest. Enter to win.

2. Own Your Cancer A Take-Charge Guide For The Recently Diagnosed And Those Who Love Them by Peter Edelstein, M.D.

Peter Edelstein, MD provides insights into the pitfalls and practices of making your health care decisions. His message is clear–you are CEO of your own health. Own Your Cancer. Then take action. What do you need to consider in choosing a surgeon or selecting a radiologist? What should you ask? Dr. Edelstein’s book offers practical advice that is empowering and motivating, and offers a path through the maze of medical decisions that need to be made.

This is a must have companion to navigating the medical maze, written by an insider who knows the system.

3. Lifelines to Cancer Survival: A New Approach to Personalized Care by Mark Roby,PA-C

On December 20, 2002 Mark Roby received what should have been a death sentence. Doctor after doctor told him to get his affairs in order.

Now, 13 years later, Mark shares his strategies for taking charge. He researched his cancer and created a personalized path to health. His “lifelines” to survival can be yours in this book. Whether your cancer is rare and deadly, or mainstream and hopefully manageable, Mark offers important information on molecular profiling, cancer biomarkers and chemosensitivity assays that aren’t part of standard cancer care, but may hold the answer you need. This technology is available, but it’s up to you to seek it out.

Most of all, Mark’s book speaks to the importance of mind over matter and never giving up.


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