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When a friend has cancer, you want to help, but you may not know what to do.

What’s appropriate? What’s needed? How do you help without intruding?

Perhaps your friend is the caregiver in the family, and is now shouldering an enormous amount of responsibility and stress. What can you do?

Give a Gift.

For a family going through cancer, a gift is a connection to life and it demonstrates a very special show of care. Through our website, you can give a specific gift, or a site wide gift certificate for any of our Business Partners.  They all offer helpful, healthy and fun products and services.

Gifts to consider might include a massage for the family caregiver; a new bicycle for a child; or even a private chef to cook meals.  Browse our gift selection and lend a hand.  The thoughtfulness of your gift will mean more than you can imagine!

Please remember your friends as they go through a very difficult experience.

From all of us, thank you.

Join, Give, Live.


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