Join Kirstin Nussgruber today, June 18th, for a FREE Webinar “Start the Right Way after a cancer diagnosis – 5 Things you need to know BEFORE making any decisions”. Sign up now!

Kirstin Nussgruber, two-time cancer survivor and board certified cancer nutritionist, wants to create a free information session to can gain some perspective and understand what issues are at stake, and how your decision will have such a huge impact in your life.

This FREE webinar on June 18th gives you all the details on how to make the best decisions after receiving your cancer diagnosis. If you can’t make it live at either 1 pm or 7 pm EST, a replay will be available for only for those that signup!

Kirstin talks about the benefits of the webinar:

Confessions of the Cancer Conqueror

Order Kirstin’s new book, Confessions of the Cancer Conqueror, and receive 3 exclusive bonuses.

This is more than just a book. It is a Self-Help Tool that you can apply in your life right away to help you navigate your cancer journey with confidence, research-based knowledge and the reassurance that you are following a multi-targeted healing approach.

Claim your bonuses! Click here.

First Steps Program – Join Today!

Now you are on your way to take control of your cancer care. Click here to join Kirstin as she personally guides you through the first steps to eat right and feel less vulnerable from your cancer.

Sometimes, it’s all about just being courageous enough to take the first steps, even if the entire path is still shrouded in fog and we have no idea where it will lead us.


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