Exercising With Cancer at Strictly Form

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One of our Business Partners is Strictly Form, a 2600 square foot private workout studio in SW Reno .  We’ll be holding our next Club Meeting here on Tuesday, August 7th at 5:30pm.  The address is 161 Country Estates Circle  Reno, NV 89511.

Our speaker will be Cathy Brewer, an established trainer who recently completed her cancer certification course work. The ACSM/ACS is a specialty certification for fitness professionals  working with clients who have been cleared by their physician for independent exercise and physical activity. It was developed by The American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) in collaboration with the American Cancer Society (ACS).

In addition to specialized training for cancer patients, Strictly Form offers cardio, pilates, weight, balance and core training in personalized individual and small groups.  Owner Sandy Messineo brings 31 years of experience to helping people find a work out program that suits their needs.

“Anyone who is successful at personal training needs to be a caregiver to begin with.  You really have to want other people to do well,” Sandi explains.  Strictly Form opened in 1994 and has helped hundreds of people meet their personal workout goals.  During my own chemo, I worked out twice a week with Sandi.  Pushing through the chemo related fatigue was very difficult some days.

“With cancer patients you need a specialized approach.  You need to be on their team, rooting for them, and knowing when to push and when to hold back,” Sandi explains.

Research is showing that pushing through the cancer related fatigue is exactly what you need to reclaim your energy. Visit our website to learn more about the role of exercise in cancer.


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