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CancerRoadTrip is about making lemonade out of lemons. You can read the backstory here.

Since 2017, when I sold my house, I have been traveling, with cancer. And along the way it occurred to me:


If I could have a CancerRoadTrip to heal, why couldn’t others?


So the CancerRoadTrips came to be.

We’re in the process of setting up the retreats for 2020. Who is eligible? 

Anyone that’s been impacted by cancer.


Our first trips are oriented towards cancer patients. You may be in some sort of maintenance treatment; post treatment; or even several years out. Because it takes years to process cancer as an experience.

The goal of the trips are to GIVE people an amazing trip and a break (who couldn’t use a break when it comes to cancer?!)

And to give people new perspectives and tools to allow them to create a healthy, meaningful life moving forward. We capture it all on film to share the adventure, the education and most of all, the inspiration.

Looking ahead, we’re looking at caregiver trips, as well as trips for family members.

To support this, we’re going out to the corporate community and asking for individual support as well.

Support your friends and be listed in the film credits


Watch the video to learn more:



Click here to learn more…



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What is CancerRoadTrip?

One woman’s quest to make lemonade out of lemons when handed an impossible set of circumstances including becoming homeless while dealing with an incurable cancer diagnosis.

When the going gets tough, the tough go traveling.

Be inspired…Follow the adventure!


Cancer Road Trip with Pat Wetzel




What’s on your #BucketList?

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