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harriet-sugar-miller-220x220Next week on #AllThingsCancer we’ll be chatting with Harriet Sugar-Miller, author of the soon to be published “How to Create Your Plantastic Kitchen.” It’s a guide to choosing and using the best plants for long life, good health, slim bellies. There will be a special edition for cancer survivors.

Harriet is a writer, researcher, broadcaster and producer, and a freelance health journalist in Montreal. She blogs regularly for the award-winning Zester Daily as well as for Huffington Post and is a regular contributor to the Anti-Cancer Club. Trained by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, she broke the trans fat story on network television in the early 90s–long before others were talking trans–and for several years, wrote, produced and hosted a health show for a PBS TV station in upstate New York.

Harriet will be discussing the reasons for a plant-based diet and her philosophy of ABC and then some. ABC stands for:


Beans and Berries

Cruciferous Vegetables

…And Then Some!

From Harriet:

“I was diagnosed with a rare, slow growing form of ovarian cancer (called granulosa cell ovarian cancer) at age 38 and told I had about two more decades. I had a recurrence at age 50 and then delved into the diet piece, researching everything I could and eventually adopting a plant-based approach. Now age 62, I still research madly, eat plants primarily and seem to be in really good health.

Onions are my sweet spot. They’re filled with fermentable fiber, which builds that healthy soil in your gut–your microbiome. I look forward to showing everyone how to choose and use them.”

Join us on Tuesday October 18th at 9amPT/noon ET.


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