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Nancy’s Point, a cancer blog, put out a challenge: to provide 15 random facts about yourself. The idea touched my soul–we’re all such individuals and when people talk about cancer, they talk statistics and treatment, but seldom people. So here are my 15 random facts. Please share yours!

1. I am a pilot and I love to fly sailplanes. (That’s a much younger picture of me in my ASW20, in the shop for repairs after I landed in a field.) I actually took a year off and traveled from the east coast to the west coast withScreen Shot 2015-07-11 at 12.11.29 PM my plane. As a result, I moved from Pennsylvania to Lake Tahoe. I currently reside in SW Reno where I can watch the snow cats groom the slopes of Mt. Rose.

2. Since Netflix, I have become a binge watcher of my favorite shows: The Good Wife, Downton Abbey, JAG reruns, Covert Affairs, Sons of Anarchy (although it’s gotten a bit dark and I haven’t finished it), Revenge, Grey’s Anatomy. And more.

3. Until my recent binges, I seldom watched TV. I loved to read. Still do. Favorite book: Arthur C. Clarke’s The City and the Stars.

4. Favorite movies: Horse Whisperer; Map of the Human Heart; Mondovino. And of course, Casablanca.

5. My father (who died of pancreatic cancer) and I both graduated from Wharton Business School. It’s been almost 30 years and I still miss him.

6. I ski large moguls poorly. My last recollection of trying to navigate Volkswagen sized bumps made me feel old and very inept, so I no longer do it. I watch others struggle from the safety of the chair lift.

7. I hate yoga, but I do it anyway because it makes me feel good and helps my hip.

8. I can no longer play USTA tennis due to my new hip (which is a result of all the drugs that have been poured into my system). I don’t miss the competition!

9. I am a total foodie. (No surprise to anyone who knows me!)

10. I love road trips–anywhere, anytime.

11. Burning Man is not on my bucket list!

12. Australia/New Zealand is on my bucket list. I want to fly sailplanes in New Zealand so I have that in my log book.

13. I look brave and navigate the challenge of cancer well enough, but sometimes it’s just too much. ThDSCN1653at’s when I do my Netflix binge!

14. I am terrible–and thus impatient– with tangible things like repairs. My claim to fame was learning that there are two types of screwdrivers (Phillips and regular). Duct tape is my go-to repair material of choice. Better yet, a phone.

15. I used to tell dead cat jokes (Like “cat in a microwave”). I am now owned by two gorgeous, sweet and adorable Himalayans.

So what are your 15 Random Facts?


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