Loyal, strong, determined, resilient, compassionate, honest, and brave. Charles Frederick Porter II was born in Oxford England to an English mother with Jewish roots and an African American father from Annapolis, Md. Charles thrived in sports as well as academia and eventually received a full athletic scholarship to Duke University. Almost a decade later, in 2010, he was diagnosed with stage IV Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. In May of 2015, he had a relapse.


Posted July 6th on Instagram


Here I stand.

Today my mom and I walked around the oncology unit in Santa Monica. After two years of a clinical trial my time was finally up. I hugged all of the nurses, some twice, hugged my doctors, check in people and anyone else who was feeling it at the time. Blood work looked good and I was given the breakdown of what will happen next.

I, myself had mixed feelings. To be honest I was shook. My mind was so cluttered with thoughts of what if, I didn’t even remember to celebrate the what is. Sure I was hugging and laughing but deep within I was doubting.

Another case of survivors remorse? Or just knowing that no scan has shown a complete remission and that still means that there is work to be done?

Mum and I left the clinic and went to get my final scan of the trial. Results TBD but I tell ya what.

Once the sea air hits you and you stop to check in on life, you realize the now. Right now I am grateful for the day. Grateful for making it through two years on a trial drug and the drug working. Thankful for those that came before me and those after me who continue to work on new and improved treatments and maybe one day a cure.

I will take a moment and celebrate the day for my friends, family and loved ones and all those that have been in the fight.

A special shout out to my boss and love @canditab for helping me to see another day and getting one step closer to meeting my daughter. Something once upon a time I never thought could happen.

#muchlove #be #neverquit

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