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What’s in your Matrix?

I often refer to the collection of ideas, thoughts, values and perspectives as our Matrix. We each have one that is influenced by our past and our future; by our culture and habits; by our conscious and subconscious.

Our Matrix is not set in stone. Rather, it’s whatever we choose, consciously or not.

I have been on many sides of my own Matrix. Life wish, death wish. Deep disappointment. Joy. Pessimism. Accomplishment. Defeat.

But over the years I’ve found a steadier balance, one of deep connection, care and optimism.

The Matrix is a new section of the blog. I’ll be featuring different people and thoughts on a wide range of topics, all looking at how we construct our Matrix.

My motivation for doing this is cancer (obviously).

I have come to believe strongly that we–as individuals and as a society–are mired in a Matrix that just isn’t working. Forty percent of us (according to the American Cancer Society) will have a cancer diagnosis in our lifetime.

This isn’t just a series of diseases; this is an epidemic. For numbers like this to exist, I have to believe:

There’s something seriously wrong with our Matrix.


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