CancerRoadTrip is about making lemonade out of lemons. You can read the backstory here.

Since 2017, when I sold my house, I have been traveling, with cancer. These are my travel tales: 


Peruvian Healing Traditions

Ka Ta See.  (Kah-tah-see)

The very name has a rhythm and melody of the ages.

In my travels, I had the honor of meeting Barbara Culbertson. Barbara has studied Ka Ta See traditions, teaching, healing and counseling for over two decades and has earned the designation of Shaman in that tradition. While studying this tradition she maintained a private practice providing massage, balancing and repairing of the energetic foundations of our bodies and somatic approaches to emotional healing.

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CancerRoadTrip Cancer Travel

What is CancerRoadTrip?

One woman’s quest to make lemonade out of lemons when handed an impossible set of circumstances including becoming homeless while dealing with an incurable cancer diagnosis.

When the going gets tough, the tough go traveling.

Be inspired…Follow the adventure!

Cancer Road Trip with Pat Wetzel

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