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(This post is a reprint of an earlier interview)


I recently had the distinct privilege of speaking with Avinoam (“Avi) Lerner. His remarkable book, The New Cancer Paradigm delves into the mind’s role in healing and disease. It’s a fascinating look at the role of our subconscious in our overall health.

Avinoam Lerner integrates evidence-based holistic disciplines that are safe and non-invasive with traditional cancer treatments. He has a private practice in Brookline, MA, offers individual Skype sessions to clients world-wide, and works with patients at Dana Farber in Boston where he treats the emotional roots of disease.

Avi sees healing as a multifaceted discipline involving the physical, psychological and spiritual:

There is much more to cancer than only what the doctors can see, measure or touch… Illness affects us in many more ways than just poor physical health. Cancer affects every aspect of our physical and emotional life, so therefore,healing requires more than only removing the cancer.”

“Emotional messages result in physiological responses.” Think of the example of a ripe lemon. Imagine it, feel the texture, taste the juice. Just by imagining it, your body responds. The same occurs when you think positive or negative scripts that may be embedded in your subconscious.

The New Cancer Paradigm discusses how our life experiences and our interpretations of those experiences can have profound emotional implications. Avi uses the analogy of an oak seed. One small seed may seem insignificant, but it has tremendous potential to grow into a powerful tree. So do our thoughts. A tiny belief or perception that’s misguided can have a long term impact on our lives.

We all have had emotional traumas and interpretations that don’t serve us well. This book looks at how to take charge of your health by taking charge of your attitudes, reactions and perceptions. It’s a deep perspective on the complexities of human healing and health and a fascinating read. From his book:

The New Cancer Paradigm is not about having just a Mind/Body connection. The Mind-Body stuff out there still focuses on the body. I believe you need to heal the Mind itself.” –Avinoam Lerner


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