“Connection and support is the key to healing”, says Debbie Woodbury, speaker, blogger,author and cancer survivor. “Connection to other cancer survivors and connection to other services answers the question “What do you need?”

“Make the little things you need a priority and abundance will be yours,” Debbie states in a blog she wrote about the “healing comfort of love”. As an author, cancer survivor, inspirational speaker, blogger at Cure Magazine and The Huffington Post, Oncology Community Advisory Board member to the Carol G. Simon Cancer Center, patient educator, wife, mother and former very stressed out lawyer, Debbie knows the meaning of “the little things”.

As a cancer survivor, she understood the obstacles of undergoing breast cancer treatment and breast reconstruction, the challenge of raising two children and being a wife. As Debbie said, you learn the importance of “the daily little things that keep the well from running dry.”

“We do what we can do. It doesn’t have to be a massive effort but we need to keep the healing process moving along”, she said. “We don’t see ourselves first but rather everything else first. How do we build an amazing life after treatment.. there’s a lot you can do .. keep healing as you go through it”.

Debbie states, “I’m a survivor but survivorship is really about inspired support; being connected to other survivors and all they do. It gives us a better quality of life and the little things in life will just happen.”

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“You Can Thrive After Treatment” lets you in on Debbie’s ten simple secrets to creating inspired healing, wellness and your joyous life after cancer.

Debbie gives the ten simple secrets to creating a healing path after cancer.


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