Peaceful Moments

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Sue Bock is a transitions, life, leadership and mentor coach. As our newest contributor, she helps busy successful women courageously cope with the physical and emotional impact of life transitions.

As a practicing nurse for 20 years, Sue became a certified coach facilitating her continued passion to help people. You can follow Sue on her website Courage to Adventure.

In my journey through the breast cancer process, I found I needed my peaceful moments. More depth in my pursuit of me. Not surprising really, when one comes face to face with an earthquake experience. I was shaken, upon hearing of yet another change in my diagnosis. This one being the “C” word.

So I dug deeper into my inner psyche, finding hand holds when needed to negotiate the space. It was an interesting process. I looked for magic wherever I could find it, rather than barriers to my discoveries. I found messages and glimpses of light to illuminate the hidden treasures. Sometimes I refused to hear the messages or the light blinded me and I lost my way. Self-discovery delivered its bumps and bruises along the way. In the end, I continued to learn who I am and found my peaceful moments to give me strength in my journey.

To find your peaceful moments, listen to this spa-like music from my friends at Yellowbrick Cinema…

As I went through radiation, I found it easier than I expected. The team of radiation techs and MD’s kept the mood light and fostered my sense of humor to get through the mundane process. The support was endless from friends and family. The love was palpable. This encouraged me to seek more hand holds, more messages to gain more insight into my inner psyche. I know now my supporters broke my fall when I stumbled. I survived to the next level and beyond.

Take time to see the glimpses of light and look for the messages to find your peaceful moments. The peaceful moments will be your light and your strength.




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