My last post was called “What is your truth about facing fear in your cancer experience?”

There are so many ways in which we perceive fear, but what if you chose to view it from a different perspective. Have you ever thought of doing that? Wouldn’t it be nice to view it from a healthier perspective?

A few months back I had my own “aha” moment. I was awaking in the morning with a bit of anxiety. I finally decided to go within myself and talk to another coach about it. I was then able to realize why fear was coming up for me.

I was experiencing something in terms of stretching myself and building my coaching business and my legal business. This issue ran deep for me because growing up in my house as a kid, you didn’t go outside the box and take risks, you always stayed within your comfort zone and what was safe. Here I was totally outside of my comfort zone. Now I was an entrepreneur, not working for someone providing me with a steady paycheck and I had to believe in myself to be successful.

On top of that I realized that I wasn’t 8 years old any more. I am an adult and those old stories just don’t cut it anymore! When I was finally able to pinpoint where my fear was coming from, my perception changed, I was able to shift and my anxiety dissipated.

Coaching is about helping your clients think outside of the box, or with the belief that there is no box, meaning you are free to do whatever you choose coming from your heart and your gut.

So what is fear? It is an emotion or a thought. It can also be a part of our inner critic; a piece of us that we have to own and realize it may be a part of who we are, but not the whole of who we are. What this translates into is that fear can come up for us, but it may simply be sending us a message and it is always best to get to the source of the fear or fire so that we can walk through it and put that fire out.

So how does fear come up for you around your cancer experience? In my last blog post I shared how my fears come up for me around recurrence. What would it look like or feel like if you thought of fear as giving you a false sense of control?

In the example above, fear was giving me a false sense of control because it was holding me back, or keeping me safe (a false sense of control) from taking my business to the next level.

When I talked about my fear of recurrence in my last post, I talked about how when things are going “right” in my life I think my cancer is going to return. This is another false interpretation that is showing up and creating a false sense of control for me. It is holding me back from enjoying life as I could and has me thinking that just because everything in my life is finally going right, that something must certainly have to go wrong now. This is certainly not a truth!

So how does fear come up for you in terms of cancer recurrence? Or, how does fear show up in your life so that it holds you back from getting what you truly desire?

The next question then becomes:

How can you shift your perspective around fear to live each day in the moment and simply enjoy life? What is it that you really want? What have you always wanted to create but stopped when that red light came on? What are your fears or pain points around your cancer experience?

Coaching is about educating, creating awareness and asking thought provoking questions so that clients can find their own answers to their own questions and then create action steps to move forward.

Everyone is different. The answer for one, might not be the answer for another. Own your truth, and find your answers at your core. That is the only way to creating sustainable change!

I would love to hear from you and I welcome your comments. I ask you to look at my website or contact me at: to set up a complimentary coaching session to see if coaching is the right modality and fit for you and if you are committed and ready to create change in your life.

If you contact me and mention that you read my content on The Anti-Cancer Club website, I will give you a 10% discount on my coaching services if you sign up for a period of at least 6 months.


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