The 2017 spring/summer fashion season has arrived filled to the brim with designer-inspired hats and caps. Trending this year are cowboy hats, jeweled caps, straw hats with ruffled or floral brims, and simple or high-styled baseball caps.

For women coping with hair loss from cancer surgery or treatment, hats and caps are more than a glam accessory. They need to do the heavy lifting when it comes to scalp coverage, sun and wind protection, and to be extra comfortable on that oh-so sensitive skin. Before you head to that outdoor wedding or family beach house, remember–all hats and caps are not created equal!

Here are some tips and style options to turn a hat or cap that you like into one that you’ll love.

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Buyer Beware

Off-the-shelf hats and caps often don’t provide enough coverage for key hair loss hot spots–the back of the head, neck, and ears.

Retail Therapy

Shop for head coverings from cancer boutiques, in the store or online. Most offer an amazing range of trendy styles that are specifically designed to protect and cover. In addition, they sell padded caps, headbands, and other beneficial hat accessories.

Old Becomes New Again

Attached to your favorite bucket hat, cloche, or ball cap? Try wearing a very wide, hair loss-specific headband or tying a light scarf or bandana underneath your hat to provide extra coverage. Scarves also add variety and refresh your look.

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Hat Hair

Some companies provide hair attachments or products that create the illusion of having a full head of hair, when worn under a hat or cap. These include: bangs, hairpieces that attach to headbands, and halo hair, a ring of hair that circles the head.

Halo hair is a cool, lightweight option to wearing a full wig.

Hats With Hair

These are hats with hair already attached. Baseball caps with bangs and a ponytail are one of the most popular types of these wear-and-go hats. There are even styles for swimming including bathing caps.

Hot Headed?

Sun protection is a must, particularly from skin made ultra- sun sensitive from radiation or chemotherapy. Opt for hats, caps, and sun scarves that have UPF 50+ sun protection built into the fabric. In addition, choose styles that are appropriate for activities like golf, cycling, hitting the beach, or walking with your BFF.

Hair loss is devastating. Take advantage of the wide variety of hats, caps, and headscarf options available and wear ones that make you feel confident and express your personal style. Don’t be afraid to experiment! They are wearing berets on the runway. Why shouldn’t you?

Visit Cancer Be Glammed for more hair loss solutions and to shop the store directory.

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  1. Aly Dickinson / April 16, 2017 at 1:11 pm /Reply

    Are you available to advise where you can purchase ‘hat hair’ ? Many thanks

  2. Lisa
    Lisa / April 28, 2017 at 2:00 pm /Reply

    Hi Aly,
    There are quite a few companies that sell hat hair. Try the two featured in this article. Headcovers Unlimited and Hats, Scarves and More. For more head covering options, take a look at my website, Best Wishes, Lisa Lurie

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