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Gail Kauranen Jones is an accomplished author, marketer, life and wellness coach and belief change expert.

She published her first book, “To Hell and Back…Healing Your Way Through Transition” in 2004 to guide baby boomers through four major life transitions: career change, becoming a mother, caring for elders and coping with the death of a loved one.

She is currently completing her second book on healing through cancer, sharing intimate details of her journey along with extensive research and first-hand experience using several alternative modalities.

Her career trek has had a number of transitions. A former journalist and now recognized transition expert, she has been the editor of an award-winning magazine, a newspaper reporter, a PR executive and ultimately CEO of her own marketing and coaching business.

Her passion for writing and coaching led her to authoring self-help and non-fiction books related to personal growth and development.

Now owner of the business, Support Matters, for more than 13 years, Gail uses her learned transformation techniques, which she customized to her own proprietary tool she named Rewriting The Script. She is also an EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) practitioner and a second degree Reiki master, fully understanding that releasing negativity from the body is key to emotional healing and spiritual wellbeing.

Gail, can you tell us about your breast cancer diagnosis and the emotional and physical impact it has had on your life?

“A cancer diagnosis changes your psyche forever, in that there is a loss of innocence that occurs in realizing that to live life fully, and hopefully with great longevity, changes need to be made. Cancer is a wake-up call, the soul’s prompting to redirect your life. To be fully engaged and committed to the healing journey, survivors need to understand that cancer is not just a physical disease that needs to be healed. True healing encompasses four components: Physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

On the physical front, initial changes I made included changing my diet by eliminating wheat, refined sugar and dairy, which resulted in my losing 30 pounds. Weight loss was not my intention, although I was later told by a breast surgeon that by removing fat cells from my body I had naturally achieved what drugs like Tamoxifen do–without the side effects!

I have always loved exercise, particularly walking in nature. However, I added more gentle “mind-body” types of exercise, like yoga and Tai Chi.

Mentally, I trained my mind to align with body’s innate ability to heal through several modalities, which I outline in my book in development.

Spiritually, I made and continue to make lots of time to sit in quiet, meditate and simply listen for messages of guidance. The body is very wise and “knows” how to guide us forth if we pay attention.

Emotionally, I rid myself of all toxic people and situations. I believe the emotional component, of addressing the negativity from earlier conditioning or past traumas, is the most often overlooked part of the healing journey. I definitely believe growing up as the daughter of a schizophrenic and living in “fight or flight” mode for so many years, contributed to my body wearing down.

Re-training the mind and body to live from greater calm is a must. I spent three months at the Mind Body Program for Cancer at Massachusetts General Hospital, where I learned that those who are in a mind body program (which is different than “a support group”) live 2 to 2.5 times longer. Again, I explain more of that learning in my book in progress.

For now, I can share that in calming my body and slowing down, I underwent a deeply introspective phase where I learned how to live from the inside out, choosing to make decisions based on love versus fear. I teach others how to do that in my coaching practice, and also through my latest book in development. That book is about 90 percent complete and I am currently seeking a publisher so it can reach the masses more quickly.

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Can you tell us the message behind your latest blog, “The Bravest Thing I’ve Ever Done”?

That blog, The Bravest Thing I’ve Ever Done, describes my calling to write my book, which came in the middle of the night. Although I had been a professional journalist, writer, and marketer for 30 years, I initially vowed I would keep my cancer journey private. God had another plan for me.

Three weeks after my lumpectomy, I jumped out of bed with the name of my book (which I cannot disclose yet as it is not copyrighted and I have not secured a publisher) and wrote steadily for a few days, barely even stopping to eat. I was guided to deliver a message to teach others what to do “at” (and someday preferably “before”) a diagnosis. I share intimate details of my journey, along with coaching tips and research and leading-edge healing resources I discovered as a journalist.

As I evolved spiritually, I continued to receive other messages to share. I think this most recent blog, Signs of Life Renewed, may offer great hope and inspiration (at least until I get my book published!).

What is your mission in life as a life coach?
My mission as a coach is to help clients build a strong foundation of self-love, by helping them discover and release subconscious limiting beliefs that often were hard-wired in during the first 5 to 7 years of life. We all (even coaches) need someone to mirror back to us what those hidden beliefs are.

Through the work of Bruce Lipton, PhD, and Gregg Braden, I learned many years ago that 90 percent or more of our daily actions are responses from that early conditioning and less than 10 percent of our choices/habits are truly conscious.

More specifically:
“Almost universally, the experiences that cause people to feel stuck have roots in what are considered negative beliefs created early in life. And, it’s precisely because they are subconscious that it’s often difficult for us to see them in ourselves.”— Gregg Braden, The Spontaneous Healing of Belief.

“The moment you change your perception is the moment you rewrite the chemistry of your body.” – Dr. Bruce Lipton.

By combining my skills as a journalist with leading-edge, brain-based coaching tools, I help clients create powerful wording to transform these limiting beliefs and establish new neural pathways in the brain to attract new outcomes.

Long-term, as a visionary, I hope one day to bring my belief work to children so they don’t have to spend their adult lives “undoing” all that early conditioning. I also think by establishing strong beliefs around self-esteem and connecting with their body’s innate ability to be and stay healthy we can help them prevent getting diseases like cancer. That’s an entirely different article we can pursue at another time.

You call yourself a life coach and wellness revolutionary. Can you explain what a wellness revolutionary is?

I define a wellness revolutionary as one who takes responsibility for their own health, by embracing the four components I referenced earlier: physical, mental, spiritual and emotional.

I also believe in what is now being called the new “energy medicine,” where we can align our minds with our bodies’ innate ability to heal. Being with like-minded others who hold that attention with us helps, as I witnessed in the Mind Body Program for Cancer at Massachusetts General Hospital and also through several other healing modalities in which I participated.

I also view my cancer diagnosis as a calling to serve and live from love versus fear, and believe it is part of my bigger life mission of teaching spiritual principles in practical ways.

How important is complementary treatment to healing?

Complementary medicine is extremely important, particularly because it helps patients align with their own power in the process of healing instead of deferring to a doctor or another authority to make them well. Learning to collaborate with health care providers versus be directed by them is essential.

Also, some naturopathic doctors can prescribe natural supplements, which I believe can be helpful at the beginning of healing to bring the body back in balance, but over the long-term we should get back our nutrients from healthy, unprocessed foods.

One of the most important and often overlooked aspects of complementary treatment is the time and nurturance provided by many naturopathic doctors and alternative healers, for example. Most conventional MDs must meet quotas of seeing so many patients an hour and despite some of their best efforts, they simply do not have the time to provide the compassionate, loving care that helps heal.

In the words of bestselling author/Dr. Lissa Rankin, who wrote Mind Over Medicine: “Nurturing care explains why many patients often experience remarkable results when treated by complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) treatments, which include such therapies as acupuncture, Chinese medicine, homeopathy, Reiki, herbal medicine, energy medicine, craniosacral therapy, chiropractic medicine, and other modalities.”

Also, while conventional medicine is needed and necessary for diagnostic information and treatment, if pursued, many of these MDs are not trained in nutrition, and we know that proper diet can help heal cancer. However, even some nutritionists are not familiar with the best cancer diet so it is important to choose your health care team thoughtfully.

You wrote your first book entitled, “To Hell and Back… Healing Your Way Through Transition”. You are writing a second book. What will the differences be from your first book?

My first book, To Hell and Back…Healing Your Way Through Transition, was published in 2004 to share my life experience and coaching expertise in guiding baby boomers through four major changes: switching careers, becoming a mother, caring for elders and coping with death. It shares intimate details of my journey, along with coaching tips, which makes the format similar to my second book on healing cancer. I also wanted to teach readers the stages of transition for so often we hear of people before or after a major life change, but do not witness the real juicy and scary in between parts where real transformation takes place. I openly share all my fears and vulnerabilities as I move through each transition to greater states of wholeness and wellbeing.

My new book in development guides others in creating the mindset for living beyond cancer (or could be used in any life crisis or turning point that redirects us). It also entails my first-hand experiences in many healing modalities and addresses key ways to empower ourselves in greater health and well-being. It includes interviews with doctors, alternative healers and patients who were involved in techniques and processes I used.

Click here to order my first book, To Hell and Back…Healing Your Way through Transition”. You can follow me on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google Plus.

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