Choose Your Path – A Collection of Poems

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Loyal, strong, determined, resilient, compassionate, honest, and brave. Charles Frederick Porter II was born in Oxford England to an English mother with Jewish roots and an African American father from Annapolis, Md. Charles thrived in sports as well as academia and eventually received a full athletic scholarship to Duke University. Almost a decade later, in 2010, he was diagnosed with stage IV Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. In May of 2015, he had a relapse.



Charles’ book, ‘Choose Your Path’, a collection of poems, was written during the last three to four years of being in remission and was being published two weeks after Charles received the news that his cancer had returned. His poetry reflects upon his life threatening challenges. This book is our October #CancerBookClub selection.



Love moves mountains

It is said that God is love

A powerful emotion

A driving force within

How is love created?

What’s the magic behind the word

It sparks up a flame

Imprinted on our souls

Without love life will die.

With love life is eternal

Love while we are living

There is no limit

I saw her crouched in an alley

Wearing a hat, sweater and sweat pants

Everything in tatters

Dirty from head to toe

Nowhere to go.

No sign of fear but desperation

As she puts on lip gloss

A pocket mirror reflects what used to be

A human in need

We can all relate to her.

We all need love

We can all give love

Much love


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